Why Eduro?

Eduro is the leading company in diagnostic solutions for the railway market. Through its unique diagnostic intelligence concept and expertise and pioneering software system NOVA, Eduro offers tailored solutions that increase availability, enhance operational efficiency and profitability – Eduro gives you the smart solution. Data and information are the linchpins of Eduro’s comprehensive diagnostic intelligence concept.

Eduro can deliver tailored comprehensive solutions for the railway market with everything from information gathering via sensors, communication busses and data processing to reports and decision support as well as highly specialized consultants. Eduro AB is at the cutting edge of industrial and railway diagnostic solutions. With over two decades of experience in the IT industry and industrial and railway sector, and through a creative innovative approach, the company has created a comprehensive concept for effective improvement measures aided by sophisticated, high-quality diagnostic management. The company’s close ties to many industries and a multi-skilled network enables Eduro to provide the support, responsiveness, and security that customers want in everything from problem solving, fault tracing and development to process enhancement, operational increase and improvement with measurable results.